"It's fine to face adversity right now, can't do nothing but make us better." - DeMar

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— Toronto Raptors (@Raptors) March 26, 2018
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Los Angeles Clippers beat Toronto Raptors

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By Philip Andrew Churm

The Toronto Raptors are doing some soul-searching after falling apart against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Their 117-106 loss was the Raptors' third defeat in five games.

A 17-5 Clippers run helped reduce Toronto's early advantage to 35-28 by the end of the first. At one stage the Clippers were trailing by 18.

But Lou Williams and the Clippers were fighting for their playoff lives before pulling out all the stops in the fourth quarter.

Williams carried the Los Angeles offence with 18 of his 26 points just in that final quarter.

Jonas Valančiūnas led the Raptors with 16 points. Seven Raptors scored in double figures with DeMar DeRozan, on 3-of-12 shooting, and Kyle Lowry, on 4-of-9, each having 11 points.

The Clippers have now won nine of their last 10 against Eastern opponents.

Toronto hosts Denver on Tuesday.