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Terror comes to small French town

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By Robert Hackwill
Terror comes to small French town

Any community struck by a terror incident has to live with an aftershock but when that community is not a glittering capital city or world-famous landmark, incomprehension is high, and many know life will not just go on afterwards as before, unlike a battling city like London that can boast of its resilience.

"A little village like Trebes is so quiet it's not possible that this happens here, but unfortunately it seems to affect everyone," said one shaken local.

"I knew two of the victims; the butcher and the check-out assistant."

Many people here know or know of the victims. Some count themsleves lucky to have not been involved.

"People were running everywhere, crying out "there are people down, wounded." There were shouts of Alluah Akbar... He called out his claims and then started shooting at everyone, and then he killed the head butcher," said another man, the brother of one of the victims.

"It was my boss who was killed, The killer came up behind him at the checkout and he said to an employee "we do it like this", then he shot him, a bullet in the head, directly and he was laughing."

Only 8000 people live in this village, but nearly everyone will have stories to tell after this event.