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New Year 2018 accidents already brings death, injury and destruction

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By Katy Dartford
New Year 2018 accidents already brings death, injury and destruction

Traditional New Year's day swims that takes place in many coastal cities across Croatia to wish people a healthy, happy and successful new year.

In many places sea temperateres were as low as ten degrees.

But the occasion turned to trajedy in Rijeka, when strong Jugo (S) winds and high waves left two men dead and one in a critical condition.

"I saw a man floating in the sea, I put on my diving suit and jumped in. I have a lot of experience with the sea and swimming but the Jugo wind brought extreme conditions." said one diver.

"Its good that firemen havent drowned with that wind carrying them towards the sea."

Elsewhere witnesses in the UK filmed flames and smoke billowing from a multi-storey car park in Liverpool.

They said cars seemed to explode every couple of seconds when the fire was at its peak.

The major fire destroyed 1400 thousand cars and forced the cancellation of an international horse show nearby.

Police said an "accidental fire within an older vehicle caused other cars to ignite".

In eastern Australia thousands two men were injured and thousands forced to evacuate a beach after a barge caught fire when a cannister exploded.

Footage shared on social media showed fireworks blasting out of control causing the barge to catch fire off Central Coast's Terrigal Beach.

Two technicians on the vessel were injured and dived into the water before being transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The explosion resembled one on Christmas Eve in Cuba which injured 39 people.