Your week in 60 seconds: Dec 22

Your week in 60 seconds: Dec 22
Copyright REUTERS/Mohammed Salem
Copyright REUTERS/Mohammed Salem
By Euronews
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How switched on were you to the news this week? Watch our video below to see if you can identify the news story.


How well do you know the news? Find out if you know what happened this week in news (Dec 22) by watching our weekly roundup, and scroll down to see the answers.

Washington state, US

Passengers killed when Amtrak train on new route derails in Washington state

Gaza, Gaza City

Clashes, protests in West Bank, Gaza over U.S. Jerusalem declaration

Barcelona, Spain

Divided Catalans prepare to vote in close-run election

Johannesburg, South Africa

Ramaphosa cheered after winning ANC leadership

Amazonian Andes, Ecuador

Ecuador's 'Troublemaker' volcano sends lava flying in fiery explosion

Karachi, Pakistan

Vigil for victims of suicide attack on church in Pakistan

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentines protest over pension reform

Shaanxi Province, northwest China

Hukou Waterfall decorated with splendid icicles

Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan


New ISS crew launches aboard Soyuz rocket

La Paz, Bolivia

Medical students protesting in Bolivia clash with police

Bali, Indonesia

Australian, American, Malaysian arrested in Indonesia's Bali for drugs


Deggendorf, Germany

Refugees in Germany protest deportations and poor living conditions

Columbus, Ohio, US

Ohio politicians call for inquiry of jail stun-gun abuses

Warsaw, Poland


EU launches unprecedented process against Poland over courts

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Honduran Vice President OAS calls for new election amidst protests

Berlin, Germany

Memorial bells and peace vigil held at Berlin Christmas market attack site


Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne attack an isolated incident, says Prime Minister Turnbull

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mass occupation underscores Brazil’s poverty

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