German SPD urged to join coalition by EU leaders

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By Euronews
Leader of SPD Martin Schulz
Leader of SPD Martin Schulz

The head of Germany's Social Democrats, Martin Schulz has said that he has received a number of phone calls and messages from France's Emmanuel Macron, urging him to form a ruling coalition with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative party.

Schulz and Macron have similar ideas for the future of the European Union, so perhaps unsurprisingly said he would cherish the opportunity to work together with the French President, adding that neither France nor Germany would be able to protect social democratic values on its own.

Schulz also said that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had asked him not to let "this deciding phase in Europe go to pass."

The SPD had initially decided not to join any 'grand coalition' after its disappointing results in the September elections.

But Chancellor Merkel has had to scramble to find new options for a coalition after talks with the Greens and Free Democrats broke down last month. And the only option available to give the numbers is with The Social Democratic party, otherwise her hand will be forced into either forming a minority government or holding fresh elections.