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Mafia boss ‘ordered his daughter’s murder over policeman relationship’

Mafia boss ‘ordered his daughter’s murder over policeman relationship’
By Chris Harris with AFP
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He told his son to kill his own sister.


A mafia chief ordered the murder of his own daughter because she was in a relationship with a policeman, it’s been claimed.

Pino Scaduto told his son to carry out the killing but he refused, according to investigators quoted by media in Italy.

Scaduto, from Bagheria near Palermo in Sicily, reportedly gave the order whilst he was in prison.

Investigators made the discovery as they sifted through correspondence he wrote inside between 2009 and 2010.

They said he called on his son, already accused of murder, to kill his sister because she had become an informer.

But the son refused telling his father: “Me, I won’t do it. You’re the father and the only one that can do it.”

The father reportedly tried to get another person to carry out the murder but they refused saying it was a family affair.

“Today there was the arrest of a boss who wanted to kill his own daughter because she had a relationship with a policeman,” said Angelino Alfano, Italy’s foreign affairs minister.

“The mafia is trying to upset the meaning of certain words that are sacred for us, such as family and honour, because in this case it was deemed not honourable that a family member was in a relationship with a representative of the state, which risks its life every day to guarantee justice and legality.

“The mafioso are defined as men of honour but where is their honour if they come to order the death of one of their children?”

Scaduto was released from jail in April but has since been re-arrested along with 15 other associates.

They have been accused of being a member of a mafia-type organisation and extorting local businesses.

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