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Spanish constitution should be 'starting point' for any debate about Catalonia, says Timmermans

Spanish constitution should be 'starting point' for any debate about Catalonia, says Timmermans
By Euronews
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EU vice president says Spanish law is the commission's first consideration in the Catalan independence question.


The European Commission believes that respect for the Spanish law is the primary consideration regarding the debate over Catalonian independence, vice president Frans Timmermans said.

Asked to clarify the Commission’s position following remarks made by its president Jean-Claude Juncker in an interview with Euronews yesterday, Timmermans said: “He [Juncker] stated very clearly, as have his predecessors Barroso and Prodi, that we refer to the constitutional court in Spain and the respect for the Spanish Constitution in this matter, so there can be no misunderstanding there.”

“You should expect all actors in any member state to respect the constitutional order in the member state.”

“This is exactly I think – not his exact words – but this is what President Juncker said when asked the other day.”

You can read and listen to Juncker’s exact words here

Timmermans’ clarification comes after Catalan Independence campaigners seized on Junckers’ words to claim support for their bid to host the vote, which is illegal according to the Spanish government and has been prohibited in the courts while they consider the issue.

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