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Venezuela accuses opposition for US sanctions

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Venezuela accuses opposition for US sanctions
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The president of Venezuela’s controversial constituent assembly, has blamed opposition groups in the country for the financial sanctions recently imposed by Washington.

No hay ninguna forma de decir que no hay un bloqueo financiero contra el país

Delcy Rodríguez Presidenta de la ANC venezolana

Speaking at a news conference Delcy Rodriguez accused them of calling for the restrictions and of encouraging US military action against Venezuela.

“There is no longer any way to say that a financial blockade against the country has not existed, doesn’t exist or isn’t worsening as long as measures of this nature are taken by President Donald Trump responding to a call by the Venezuelan right wing that insistently, permanently and systematically has requested military intervention by the US government.”

The new sanctions aim to block Venezuela’s government from raising new loans on US financial markets. In response President Nicolas Maduro says he intends to seek help from China and Russia.

Maduro has used President Trump’s remark concerning a “military option being on the table” as an opportunity to galvanise reservist training. Trump’s threat of military action has played into Maduro’s hands by supporting his oft-repeated assertion that the US “empire” has been waging economic war on Venezuela and wants to invade the country to steal its vast oil reserves.
Opposition leader Henrique Capriles dismissed the training programme as an expensive farce.