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Venezuela - opposition ups the pressure on Maduro

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By Euronews
Venezuela - opposition ups the pressure on Maduro

The eightieth day of opposition-led street protests in Venezuela and once again clashes erupted with security forces.
The demonstration was timed with a meeting of the Organisation of American States in Mexico where government critics hope pressure will be brought to bear on President Nicolas Maduro.

MP ISMAELGARCIA Leader of social democracy said:
“We do ask the help of international institutions. We dont want a (military) intervention but we ask for more pressure put on this corrupted government which is even tainted with drug trafficking.”

David Smolanski MP and mayor in one of the Caracas’ central neighborhood:

“For us it is extremely important that even abroad people understand how authoritarian this political system is. This regime keeps more than 350 political prisoners, and censures the media.”

Several countries meeting in Mexico have been pushing for a resolution on Venezuela that defends representative democracy. How ever the government in Caracas has already said it will not recognise any such move.

Euronews reporter Alberto d’Filippis who is in the Venezuelan capital said he witnessed national guard officers attacking journalists. he also added that protesters accuse the government of trying to silence the media and thus prevent the world from seeing what is happening in today’s Venezuela.