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Mystery man rescues workers after car driven into river

Mystery man rescues workers after car driven into river
By Euronews
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This is the moment that factory worker Mei accidentally reversed her new car into a river, which quickly sunk. Luckily a passer-by was on hand to rescue Mei. But he disappeared quickly, leaving Mei wondering who saved her.

Only a month after getting her driving licence and new car, Mei was trying to reverse into a parking space outside the automotive parts factory where she works, in Taicang City, just north of Shanghai.

The crash reportedly occurred when Mei stepped on the accelerator rather than the brake.

Another factory employee, Li Jiabo, attempted to come to Mei’s rescue. But, not being a strong swimmer himself, Li also got himself into danger and needed to be rescued too.

“I climbed down the river bank to enter the water, and began to swim forward… but at halfway, I found myself out of strength”, Li told local broadcasters.

Fortunately for Li and Mei, a passer-by jumped in the river and dragged both stricken factory workers from the water.

But Huo Junwei disappeared after the rescue, and Mei told the local press that, “I only want to find him and express my gratitude to him”.

Having identified the mystery rescuer, police now hope to reward Junwei with a ‘Samaritan award’.

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