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'Poopootov cocktails' are weapon of choice in latest Venezuelan protest

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By Euronews
'Poopootov cocktails' are weapon of choice in latest Venezuelan protest

Thousands of young Venezuelans hurled bottles and bags of excrement at soldiers during the latest protest against socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

The improvisation wasn’t limited to the so-called ‘poopootov cocktails’, imaginative ways were found to propel the missiles with the use of giant catapults.

Maduro’s plan to circumvent Venezuela’s opposition-dominated parliament with a new assembly with the power to rewrite the constitution has added fuel to a fire of discontent.

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles claims even some of the military are against Maduro.

“Eighty-five military officials, their family members asked me to make it known to all the media that there is a group of them that wants to defend the constitution.”


The opposition is calling for delayed state elections to be held and the 2018 presidential vote be brought forward.

They also want the government to free scores of jailed activists, allow humanitarian aid from abroad to offset a brutal economic crisis, and respect the independence of the legislature where the opposition won a majority in 2015.

Highlighting vandalism and violence by young masked protesters, Maduro says opponents are seeking a coup with US support and harbour “terrorists” and “murderers” in their ranks.

Wednesday’s chaos in Caracas claimed another life with a 27-year old killed during the protests. At least 39 people have died since early April including demonstrators, government sympathizers and bystanders.