National Front ready for name change and power

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By Christopher Cummins  with Agencies
National Front ready for name change and power

The party is far from over at National Front HQ in Paris, despite Marine Le Pen’s mauling in French presidential election.

Marine Le Pen claimed over 11 million votes and has wiped out the Socialists and the Republicans.

The National Front, far from crying into the pastis are looking for major gains in the legislative elections in June.

Nicolas Bay is the National Front’s Secretary General:“The mutation in our movement must take into account the electoral dimension. The National Front is a tool that will evolve to be more efficient, bring more people together considering the number of voters we reached last night.”

In an attempt to make itself more palatable the party intends to undergo a major overhaul including a name change.

Bruno Cautres is a French political analyst:
“There was a big issue of branding the Front National because the Front National, still the French do consider that the Front National is not a party like another one, I think that most French have still in their memories the provocation of the time of Jean-Marie Le Pen.”

The apparent French rejection of a far-right party has eased concern across Europe.

However, elections come round quickly and any complacency from the progressives and the National Front will pounce with flowers and a smile.