Exports hit as Brazil meat corruption scandal grows

Exports hit as Brazil meat corruption scandal grows
By Euronews

He is leading by example.

He is leading by example. But as Brazil’s President Michel Temer tucked into home-produced meat to try to allay fears about hygiene, the international impact of a corruption scandal in the industry is growing.

For as Temer took foreign diplomats to a lakeside steakhouse, China and South Korea suspended some imports and the European Union mulled action of its own against Brazilian meat.

“The Commission is in the process of ensuring that any of the establishments implicated in the fraud are suspended from exporting in the EU,” European Commission Spokesperson for Food Safety Enrico Brivio told reporters on Monday.

Adding to the fallout, Chile is temporarily banning imports of beef from Brazil, the agriculture ministry said on Monday.

Police are probing claims that health inspectors were bribed to overlook unsanitary conditions at several plants in a scandal that has tarnished Brazil’s lucrative meat industry

Authorities insist that there is no sanitary risk, despite allegations that some producers have sold rotten and tampered meat products.

Police conducted raids on Friday and more than 30 people were arrested.

The firms involved strongly deny any wrongdoing but the scandal deals a big blow to one of the few sectors in Brazil that has thrived during two years of recession.

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