Germany's Merkel pushes for faster deportations of failed asylum seekers

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By Euronews
Germany's Merkel pushes for faster deportations of failed asylum seekers

The aim is to get more failed asylum seekers out of Germany – and faster. Chancellor Angela Merkel and state governors have agreed to push for a stepping up of deportations of those who do not have the right to stay in the country.

State governments are in charge of deportations at the moment, but it has become clear the federal government now wants more of a say.

“We believe this is necessary and we should do this because we want to be able to maintain the ability to help those who are entitled to humanitarian protection, who have also been legally recognised,” said Merkel.

New deportation regulations will reportedly be drawn up. There are also plans for centres, where failed asylum seekers would be taken so they do not disappear.

A national coordination facility could also be established.

“There were a lot of shifts in responsibility. The federal level said the German states should do more. The German states have said the federal level should do more,” said Thomas de Maiziere, Federal Interior Minister.

“I think, this must end, we need a joint effort. Everyone has to take responsibility.”

Merkel is under pressure over migration ahead of September’s national election.

Around 55-thousand asylum seekers left Germany voluntarily last year, while around 25-thousand were deported. There was also a significant decrease in the overall number of people requesting asylum.