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And also...
By Catherine Hardy
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This week's edition takes you from football to furry bin foragers via a galaxy far, far away.


Every Friday, journalists from euronews’ various language teams choose a selection of stories from Europe and beyond which did not make the international headlines

This week’s selection begins with the beautiful game.

Do you like football? Are you looking for a job?

After saying an early goodbye to Euro 2016, and – as a consequence – to Marc Wilmots, Belgium’s Red Devils are looking for a new head coach.

They are trying a quite unusual way as well: by posting a job offer on their website.

The deadline to apply is the end of July.

Candidates need to have “experience and results in the currently fast-changing world of football” and must be a “strong and open communicator”.

Former Barcelona star upsets Catalans

The stock of ex-Barcelona defender Carles Puyol has fallen in Catalonia.

Puyol appeared in a television advert in which he is reported to have said ‘I am Carles Puyol and I am Spanish’.

While Puyol is technically Spanish, it was taken as an insult in his native Catalonia, which wants to be independent from Spain.

Star Wars composer John Williams feels the force of the flugelhorn

Bryce Hayashi, a 13-year-old trumpet player and Michael Miller, on the flugelhorn, were brave enough to go to the Hollywood home of film composer John Williams and play the famous Star Wars theme outside his front door.

The musician listened to the impromptu serenade before coming out of his house to greet the boys and even made a joke.

The Bear necessities

University of Utah biologists tracking a pack of 16 brown bears in Turkey have made an interesting discovery.

Six bears seasonally migrated between feedind and breeding sites to stock up on food before hibernation – a phenomenon never witnessed in brown bears before, researchers say.

The other ten bears stayed year-round near the most reliable source of food they could find – the municipal dump.

PETA designates their L.A. Office a Pokémon sanctuary

The animal rights organization PETA has declared its Los Angeles office a “safe zone” after the release of Pokémon Go.

This means people cannot capture or fight Pokémons there.

“Catching Pokémon really isn’t much different from taking animals out of the wild and putting them in zoos, circuses, and other places that exploit and abuse them.”

They have also created a parody game version, giving the opportunity to players, to “free them all”.



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- Star Wars

- Dump bears

- PETA Pokemon


- Carles Puyol

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