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Running for cover in Nice

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By Luke Barber
Running for cover in Nice

With France reeling from last night’s attack in Nice which claimed the lives of 84 people, investigators are still trying to work out why a man with no apparent links to a terror organisation would commit such an atrocity.

You can't let this affect your life because they win at the end of the day.

British tourist in Nice

Families and friends are consoling one another after last nights events on what was meant to be a celebration of freedom.

As the happy mood turned to naked fear around the Promenade des Anglais people ran in panic, desperately looking for a refuge from the unfolding slaughter.

One such place was an Italian restaurant on a street leading onto the promenade called Portovenere and its owner Thomas Russo said he will never forget Bastille night.

“It was around 1030 when a hundred people came inside the restaurant by force. I have a little restaurant and the people rushed inside to the kitchen”, Russo said.

“They looked for shelter. Children were crying, women were shouting. It was chaos. There was blood on the ground. You can still see it today.”

A sudden change of plans

A day after the attack many tourists have yet to leave Nice and some are even determined to finish their holidays.

British Airways have announced that they will allow passengers change there flight dates if travelling to the southern French city, or change there destination entirely if they wish as a result of the attack.

“I really feel that we were lucky to survive”, said one woman who was caught up in last night’s confusion.

One man told reporters that although what happened in Nice was “terrible”, people “can’t let this affect your life because they win at the end of the day.”