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France's state of emergency to continue for three more months

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By Luke Barber
France's state of emergency to continue for three more months

President Francois Hollande has announced a further three months of national emergency following the Bastille Day attacks in Nice.

We are at war

Bernard Cazeneuve French Interior Minister

Speaking at a press conference in Paris, the leader said that France is a prime target for terror attacks because “human rights are denied by those fanatics”.

He announced that France’s state of national emergency will continue for three months more, as opposed to ending on 26 July as planned.

Hollande returned to Paris early on Friday morning following initial reports of the attack that left at least 80 dead and a further 18 in a critical condition.

“The France is tearful, sorrowful, but it is strong and will be always more than the zealots who now want to hit her. #Nice” – Hollande

He met with interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve for a crisis meeting.

Cazeneuve flew to Nice in the early hours of Friday morning after giving a press conference in which he said that France is “at war with terrorists who want to strike us no matter the cost”.

“We knew that the terrorist threat level was extremely high. After the #EURO2016 we must remain absolute vigilance #Nice” – France’s Interior Ministry

War on terror will ‘intensify’

Hollande also said that France would not yield in its fight against Islamic extremism.

He told reporters in Paris that France’s war on terror would “intensify in Syria as well as in Iraq” and that the French military “will continue to hit the strongholds of those who are attacking us on our own soil.”