Brexit - the view from the US

Brexit - the view from the US
By Catherine Hardy

Joe Biden says the "special relationship" will continue while Donald Trump sees "parallels between the US and UK".

Special relationship will continue – Biden

Visiting Dublin, the US Vice President has reassured the UK and the Irish Republic that their relationship with the US will not change, despite the Brexit vote.

Joe Biden says the special relationship will continue.

“I must say, we had looked for a different outcome,” Biden said. “We would have preferred a different outcome. And I would imagine many of you here felt the same way. I want to assure all of you in this room that America’s special bond with the United Kingdom runs deep and it will endure, and our relationship with Ireland and with the European Union will remain the cornerstone of our global engagement.”

Parallels between UK and US – Trump

Visiting Scotland, Donald Trump says he can see parallels between the UK and US.

“You are going to have, I think, many other cases (in Europe) where they want to take their borders back, they want to take their monetary (policy) back. They want to take a lot of things back.

“I really do see a parallel between what is happening in the United States and what is happening here, people want to see borders. They don’t necessarily want people pouring into their country that they do not know who they are and where they are from. They have no idea.”

Trump, the presumptive Republican Party nominee for US presidential candidate, is predicting other countries will follow the UK’s lead.

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