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Trump and Clinton pave the way to the White House

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By Catherine Hardy  with AFP, New York Times
Trump and Clinton pave the way to the White House

The halfway point has now been passed in the US presidential primary campaign.

More than 14 million votes were cast across five states in the so-called “Super Tuesday II”

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton are both clearly in the lead.

Voters can now confidently predict who will have the most delegates at their conferences in July.

Some have already made up their minds.

“Donald Trump is definitely, he has hit the chord. He’s playing a good game, he’s playing to win, saying the right things for his people and getting the votes,” said one man in Times Square.

“I’m not going to vote for him. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if he’s the last guy on earth – I’m not going to vote for this guy. Hillary forever. Hillary’s good, yeah, the best,” said another.

“I think Hillary is probably the best one we have for that party and I think the Republican party is just ripping itself to shreds, unfortunately for them. I’m still not convinced Trump will win. I think a lot of people will come to their senses,” answered a third.

“Incendiary rhetoric”

Trump’s latest wins come amid growing concern within the Republican Party about his incendiary rhetoric.

The flamboyant billionaire, whose rival Marco Rubio pulled out after losing his home state of Florida, has warned of “riots” if the party does not choose him as its candidate.

Clinton has cemented her lead over rival Bernie Sanders.