Is it too late to stop the Donald Trump machine?

Is it too late to stop the Donald Trump machine?
By Euronews
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Trump has a good night at what was dubbed Super Tuesday II, despite defeat in Ohio


It was dubbed Super Tuesday II, a crucial test of who is likely to be the presidential candidate for each of the main parties in the US ahead of elections in November. US correspondent Stefan Grobe was in Palm Beach, Florida. Euronews’ Chris Cummins asked him if Donald Trump’s defeat in the state of Ohio still leaves the door open for a surprise on the Republican side.

Stefan Grobe: “Well, absolutely. I think what the Republicans have learned on this second Super Tuesday is that they cannot stop Donald trump, they can only slow him down. You’re right, Donald Trump lost Ohio, and that was a big prize for the anti-Trump forces, but then of course they’re still not strong enough to prevent Donald Trump from getting the Republican nomination.

“What everybody’s thinking here is that we’re drifting towards a brokered convention which means that Donald Trump will have the plurality of the delegates before the Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, but not the majority. So, that leaves us with a whole variety of possibilities, even the possibility of a candidate who is not yet known.

“Today the name of Paul Ryan was floated, the Speaker of the House of Representatives – and for the first time he did not particularly exclude the possibility of his running against Trump. But these are pure speculations, my guess is that Donald Trump will eventually be the Republican nominee.”

Chris Cummins: “A little more straightforward for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton?”

Stefan Grobe: “Well, it is. She obviously ran the table on this Super Tuesday, there are virtually no more chances left for Bernie Sanders of snatching the nomination away from her – although he issued a press release tonight saying that he will keep fighting on and take the fight to the Convention in Philadelphia.

“But, to be honest, Bernie Sanders is running out of time and he’s running out of states: there are only very very few big states left where he could score big. But these are states like New York, like Pennsylvania or like California. But in those states Hillary Clinton is in the lead.

“But because of the fact that Bernie Sanders is still hanging in that makes him the best friend of the Republican party because it drains away resources that could be used in a general election campaign, probably against Donald Trump.”

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