Boris Johnson to lead the "Out" campaign ahead of UK referendum

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By Catherine Hardy  with AP
Boris Johnson to lead the "Out" campaign ahead of UK referendum
  • Announcement comes a day after the referendum announcement
  • Informed former classmate David Cameron by text message

Boris Johnson has announced he plans to lead the campaign for Britain to leave the EU.

Speaking to reporters on the doorstep of his home in the UK capital, the flamboyant mayor of London says the decision involved a ‘huge amount of heartache.’

Boris is an ‘Out-er’

Insiders say Johnson’s decision is a huge boost to the “Out” campaign.

He described the EU as “eroding British sovereignty”:

“There should be no confusion between the wonders of Europe and holidays in Europe and fantastic food and friendship and whatever else you get from Europe and the political project.”

“But I would like to see a new relationship based more on trade and cooperation and less, as I said, of this supranational element.”

It is also a knock for David Cameron. The UK Prime Minister has been trying to build a consensus to back the campaign to stay “In”.

Cameron is on record as saying the UK will be “safer and stronger” within the EU.

Who is Boris Johnson?

  • Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson
  • Born 1964 in New York
  • Lived in Brussels suburb of Uccle for 2 years as a child
  • Classmates with David Cameron at prestigious Eton School
  • Former journalist
  • Elected Mayor of London 2008
  • MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip
  • Father is a former centre-right MEP and employee of the European Commission

(Source: Wikipedia

Why Boris Johnson?

Boris, or BoJo as his name is sometimes shortened to, has arguably the highest Conservative profile after David Cameron.

With his shock of blond hair and eccentric manner, insiders say he is sure to not go unnoticed by referendum voters.

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