Tel Aviv: deadly shooting in bar evokes memories of Paris

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By Euronews  with ANSA, EFE
Tel Aviv: deadly shooting in bar evokes memories of Paris
  • A busy bar, café and restaurant targeted
  • At least two dead
  • Up to seven injured, two critical
  • Attacker an “Israeli Arab”, police search family home

At least two people have been killed and seven injured during a shooting in a bar in central Tel Aviv.

I remember what happened in Paris

Armed police are searching the area for the suspect, who is still at large.

CCTV cameras captured the moment the gunman opened fire.

“It reminded me of Paris”

The gunman targeted customers at a cafe, bar and restaurant near a shopping centre in Dizengoff Street in the city. The area is often busy on Friday afternoons.

CCTV footage from a nearby convenience store showed the presumed attacker calmly buying snacks of fruit and nuts before leaving and opening fire.

Eyewitnesses say the frightening scenes are reminiscent of the recent attacks in Paris.

“I have a beauty salon here and I hid myself under the bar,” said one woman. “I fell and I waited around 30 seconds, it was horrible. I was afraid for my mother, for everyone. I remember what happened in Paris.”

Suspect identified by family

Media reports suggest the gunman, who is still at large, is an Israeli Arab whose father recognised him from CCTV footage.

A search is underway at the family home in Wadi Ara near the northern town of Haifa.

A wave of recent attacks

It is not clear why the attack was carried out. It comes in the wake of a wave of inter-ethnic violence over the past few months.

At least 21 Israelis have been killed in stabbings and shootings carried out by Palestinians.

131 Palestinians have died. Israel says more than half were presumed attackers while the others were killed in clashes with security forces.

Speaking last November, US Secretary of State John Kerry condemned the attacks as acts of terror.