Willkommen in München migrants arrive in Germany

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By Euronews
Willkommen in München migrants arrive in Germany

The first trainloads of migrants travelling from Hungary via Austria have arrived in the German city of Munich.

They are the first of thousands of mainly Syrian nationals who were stranded in Hungary before being allowed to leave on buses for Austria.

Cheers rang out from the many Germans who had gathered at the station to greet them and hand out sweets and refreshments.

The Bavarian authorities have been preparing for their arrival.

Emilia Müller is the Minister for Social Affairs:“Everything has been arranged in an orderly and structured manner. The regional government, humanitarian organisations and the police are working together, it’s a joint operation. We are taking care of everything, we all have to stand together, this is a task for all Germany and the responsibility of all Germans.”

Germany is expecting around 10,000 people to arrive with Chancellor Angela setting no limit of the number of people who can seek asylum.

Werner Kraus is from Munich police: “The initial care is administered here at the station they will be provided with food, drinks and medical checks. They will then be taken to the shelters where they will be registered and where they will stay for the moment.”

Arabic-speaking translators are on hand to assist in the registration process.

The scenes in Munich are in stark contrast to the chaos and aggression seen in Hungary.