Donald Trump confounds critics to retain Republican lead - new poll

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By Euronews
Donald Trump confounds critics to retain Republican lead - new poll

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump is weathering the storm of fresh controversy, remaining well ahead of his rivals in the Republican race for next year’s US presidential election.

A new poll puts Trump unchanged at 24 percent, despite his criticism of Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly during and after last Thursday’s televised Republican debate.

Trump says his comments about ‘blood coming out of her’ were misconstrued as a reference to menstrual blood.

But that was just the latest Trump declaration to cause outrage.

His harsh remarks about Mexican immigrants led to widespread condemnation and prompted some business partners to sever ties.

And his feud with John McCain, the party’s 2008 presidential nominee, has angered many party officials

But Trump revels in his status as an outsider.

During the debate, he also refused to rule out running as an independent should he lose the nomination to one of the other 16 contenders.

But the new Reuters/Ipsos poll puts his nearest rival Jeb Bush on just 12 percent, down from 17 percent before the debate.

As for women, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton says Republicans are bad news whichever is picked.

“I’m worried about what Republican policies would do to the rest of America’s women and I will continue to speak out and speak up about that today and through the rest of the campaign and in the White House,” she said.

Some predicted the love affair with Donald Trump would just be a summer fling. But his outsider appeal looks to be enduring, with all the signs that Republican supporters are standing by their man.