Nasa releases stunning new images of Pluto

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By Euronews
Nasa releases stunning new images of Pluto

Nasa has released a number of stunning colour photographs of the planet Pluto.

The pictures have been compiled from four images from the New Horizons’ Long Range Reconnaissance Imager mixed with colour data from the Ralph instrument.

The new pictures indicate that Pluto is covered by masses of flowing ice.

Nasa is expecting more data after August.

Alan Stern is new horizons’ lead scientist:“Starting in September, the spigot opens again. Then for a year, maybe more, the sky will be raining presents from the Pluto system. It is going to be quite a ride. We are really happy about the amount of interest in theis mission.”

According to Nasa temperatures of minus 229 Celsius would render water ice immobile, but scientists claim nitrogen and other ices on Pluto would remain “soft” and able to flow in a similar fashion to glaciers on earth.

It is estimated that the frozen mountain ranges discovered on Pluto are 1,524 meters high.