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Trump strikes again as polls put him as GOP front runner

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By Euronews  with REUTERS
Trump strikes again as polls put him as GOP front runner

They broke the mold when they made Donald Trump – that’s what political analysts are saying of the outspoken billionaire who has become 2016 front runner among Republican voters.

Trump drew attention when he called undocumented Mexican immigrants “rapists” and “criminals” as he launched his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in June.

He’s now lashed out at rival Senator Lindsey Graham at a campaign rally, even giving out Graham’s private phone number for the public to ring him with their complaints.

“They can talk all they want, I mean I got a little does of it. I was coming up and I see your senator, what a stiff, what a stiff, Lindsey Graham…. by the way, he’s registered zero in the polls, zero! And he’s on television all the time.”

McCain calls on Trump to apologise to US military families

Trump’s attack on on the war record of Senator John McCain saying he shouldn’t be considered a hero as he was captured -drew a barrage of criticism, and yet the more outrageous Trump is the more his popularity seems to grow.

But it remains to be seen just how far his gaffs – calculated or otherwise – will take him.

Members of the public were asked their opinion in New York’s Time Square:

“Mr. Trump has got an agenda and he’s a real funny guy and he’s bringing a lot of issues to the forefront because nobody else has the guts to say what he’s saying,” said one man.

“Everything that comes out of his mouth is just a disgrace. It’s so sad and I can’t believe he’s actually trying to run for the country. Not happening darling, no!” said one women.

And there are plenty of opinions on social media about the Trump campaign: