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Greece 'yes' voters gather for major rally ahead of bailout vote

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By Euronews
Greece 'yes' voters gather for major rally ahead of bailout vote

Some 20,000 supporters of a “yes” vote gathered in front of the ancient Panathenaic Stadium with banners reading “nai” – Greek for “yes.”

Celebrities addressed the crowd, including a television presenter, the mayor of Athens, and other supporters of the “yes” campaign.

Some voters explained the reasons why they plan to vote “yes.”

“Although measures implemented in previous years were tough, I think we were gradually on our way, that people were getting used to this situation and I think we were close to achieving growth,” said one voter.” If the same measures are voted for once again, things will be harder but we will be part of a united Europe”.

“I want my country out of this mess,” said another voter. “I want to stay in Europe.” When asked “do you believe that we will be out of Europe if ‘no’ prevails?,” she replied, “Definitely! It’s all lies that will lead us there.”

The city’s mayor said “we must fight for a progressive country with perspective.”

Euronews correspondent Nicoleta Drougka reported from Athens.

“In front of the Panathenaic Stadium, the flags of Greece and Europe side by side. The “yes“supporters are convinced that a positive vote in Sunday’s referendum will definitely secure the European course of Greece.”