Iran celebrates as Israel warns nuclear deal 'paves path' to atomic bomb

Iran celebrates as Israel warns nuclear deal 'paves path' to atomic bomb
By Euronews

Tehran celebrates as a nuclear deal is reached, but Israel warns the accord could "pave Iran's path" to the atomic bomb.

Iranians have been celebrating on the streets of the capital after the government negotiated what is described as an “historic” nuclear deal.

Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Zarif, received a particularly warm welcome upon his return from Switzerland, following eight days of discussions with world powers.

The outcome of the Lausanne talks: Tehran has agreed to curb, but not abandon, its atomic activities in return for the lifting of crippling economic sanctions.

Marie Harf, Deputy Spokesperson for the US State Department, outlined the government’s position on the agreement:

“We made very clear that one of the things that has always been a part of our position on this agreement was that sanctions would be phased,” she explained. “Certainly, you saw us outline how that might work, that Iran will receive sanctions relief if it verifiably abides by its commitments… Our bottom lines in this negotiation have never changed.”

The talks were based on fears Iran’s aim has been to build an atomic bomb – a claim it denies.

Israel has consistently opposed negotiations and says a final accord based on the deal would “pave Iran’s path to the bomb and might … spark a nuclear arms race throughout the Middle East,” effectively threatening the existence of the Jewish state.

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