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Do school uniforms make a difference?

Do school uniforms make a difference?
By Euronews
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Dressing for success – South Africa’s school recipe

In South Africa, where apartheid still casts a long shadow, many schools have a compulsory school uniform. They believe it helps eliminate class differences and encourages more discipline amongst students.

Today, all students have equal access to education. Overcrowding and inadequate facilities, however, still plague the system and resources for so many learners. With so many challenges to face, one constant helps to keep students on track – school uniforms. We look at how it works in practice.

Conformity or individuality

But not everyone agrees there are benefits to wearing uniforms. Education expert, Dr. Andrea Precht, spoke to euronews about the advantages and disadvantages of dress codes in schools.

Japan: manga style

In Japan, school uniforms have become something of a fashion statement, with students customising their outfits and adding personal accessories. So much so that they are increasingly being worn not only in schools when they are not compulsory but also at some social activities.

Once a symbol of stiff school rules, traditional school uniforms have now become a liberating and popular fashion statement for many girls, thanks to the manga culture.

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