Who is scared of Summerhill

Who is scared of Summerhill
By Euronews
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Spending a day at Summerhill was an eye opener. Of course we had doubts about a teaching method where the students are allowed maximum freedom. And we did wintess to be honest a lot of playful artistic or recreational activities going on, whith lessons almost on demand – a small group learning maths, 3 students doing computer science, two in the science class, one -to-one English tuition…
But this is how Summerhill works: because the lessons are tailored to the student, there is much less waste of time, and lots of hours are freed for other activities.
Overall, we witnessed a very pleasant atmosphere, and met incredibly mature people, be them a six year old or a young man age 18: interesting, well rounded people, a pleasure to talk to, and an inspiration. In this video, you will find some extra interviews which couldn’t find space in the short edit for the programme. For more information, go to:


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