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  • Four journalists taken hostage in Syria are free and in good health, says French president Francois Hollande, according to AFP
  • Putin tells Russian TV he has good personal relations with incoming NATO chief Stoltenberg (Reuters)
  • Putin says Russia will award state medals to some Russian servicemen involved in Crimea operation (Reuters)
  • Putin says there is nothing to prevent normalisation of relations between Russia and West, but it depends on West (Reuters)

Gross domestic product

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U TALK | 15/07 08:08 CET

New ways of measuring wealth

New ways of measuring wealth

In this edition of U talk our guest is answering your questions on new ways of measuring wealth. "Hi, I'm Gonçalo from Lisbon. This is my question: GDP has been used to measure the wealth of a country, but this indicator does not take into account essential factors, such…

  • Gloomy figures on Italian growth
    21/12 14:19 CET

    Gloomy figures on Italian growth

    Italy’s economy contracted in the third quarter, sparking fears that the country might have gone into its fifth recession since 2001. …

  • US GDP figures knock markets back
    22/11 15:47 CET

    US GDP figures knock markets back

    US GDP growth for the third quarter has been revised slightly down to 2 percent, shaving half a percent off forecasts, but with inventories…

  • Chinese GDP growth eases
    15/07 19:41 CET

    Chinese GDP growth eases

    China’s economy cooled between April and June. Gross domestic product was up by 10.3 percent from the same period in 2009. In the first…

  • Japanese Q1 GDP growth was 1.2 percent
    10/06 16:03 CET

    Japanese Q1 GDP growth was 1.2 percent

    The Japanese government has confirmed the economy grew by 1.2 percent between January and March from the previous quarter. That was…

  • Turkey rallies to reduce 2009 GDP shrinkage
    31/03 16:26 CET

    Turkey rallies to reduce 2009 GDP shrinkage

    Turkey’s strong economic performance towards the back-end of last year helped to take a little of the sting out of the recession. Six per…

  • Sweden back in recession
    01/03 15:38 CET

    Sweden back in recession

    Sweden’s economy unexpectedly slid back into recession in the fourth quarter. The figures caused the Swedish currency, the crown, to…

  • Iceland’s GDP slumps further
    07/12 19:41 CET

    Iceland’s GDP slumps further

    Iceland’s financial meltdown continues to batter its economy. Gross domestic product shrank by 5.7 percent in the third quarter from the…

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