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Disabled and driving in the EU: where can you park?

Disabled and driving in the EU: where can you park?

Access to parking spaces for people with disabilities is the subject of this edition of U-talk. Our question comes from Igor in Ljubljiana: “I am planning to travel by car through several European countries, with Slovenia as my starting point. I have a question about my rights as a disabled person: will I be able to park my car in the…

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Utalk concept

So, what’s u talk all about? U talk is an interactive weekly programme where we want your questions on Europe. Europe is a fascinating melting pot and your queries can cover ANY issue on Europe – from controversies, challenges, to current affairs and how it all works… and we will pick the most thought-provoking, relevant question. We’ll then get to work to find you the answer – this will come either in the form of an interview with the relevant expert or via a short report. So come on board and start sending us your questions NOW!

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