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Right On meets citizens across Europe who are fighting for their rights. The spotlight falls on a range of subjects, from the respect of basic freedoms to the protection of consumers, with experts also providing valuable insights.

    EU Parliament elections: the essentials

  • Putting the voter in driving seat on the road to Brussels
    20/01 11:08 CET

    Putting the voter in driving seat on the road to Brussels

    In May, the 28 countries of the EU will vote for a new European parliament. But against the backdrop of an economic crisis, many observers anticipate a record low turnout and a surge in support…

  • - The European parliamentary elections take place 22-25 May in the 28 countries of the EU. A total of 751 deputies will be elected with a five year mandate
  • - The Lisbon Treaty strengthens the European Parliament's role and responsibility. Under the terms of the treaty, the European Parliament elects the President of the Commission, on the basis of a proposal by the European Council, which must take into account the results of the elections
  • - EU law grants EU citizens living in a Member State other than their own the right to vote and to stand as candidates in European elections under the same conditions as nationals of that State

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The proposed European regulation aims at:

  • - Ensuring that you receive clear and understandable information when your personal data is processed
  • - Whenever your consent is required, it will have to be given explicitly before a company can process your personal data
  • - Strengthen individuals right to opt out
  • The Commission proposals are now be debated by the Council and the European Parliament before they can become law
  • The current EU data protection rules date from 1995

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    Consumer rights

  • Stay a happy shopper
    23/12 11:11 CET

    Stay a happy shopper

    It is the busiest time of year for businesses and customers: the Christmas rush and then the New Year sales in many countries. But how many of us know our consumer rights, to limit the hassle and expense when the happy shopper turns out to be anything…

Key aspects of new EU Consumer Rights Directive:

  • - 14 days to change your mind after a purchase online
  • - Refunds must be within 14 days of a withdrawal
  • - Refunds will also have to include the costs of delivery
  • - Clearer information on who pays cost of returning goods
  • - Pre-ticked boxes for options on websites will be banned
  • - Traders must disclose total cost of a product or service
  • - Measures to tackle hidden charges on websites
  • - Information on digital content will have to be clearer
  • - Credit card and hotline surcharges will not be allowed

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    Child bullying

  • Hey! ... Stop the bullying!
    09/12 11:16 CET

    Hey! ... Stop the bullying!

    Bullying among young people is nothing new. But there is now increasing talk of the need to raise awareness about the devastating impact on people’s lives and to find effective methods to tackle bullying and prevent it. Most countries have some kind of…

  • Growing debate over best way to tackle child bullying
    09/12 11:15 CET

    Growing debate over best way to tackle child bullying

    As an increasing number of European countries introduce anti-bullying…

Some key facts about bullying among children:

  • - Since 1999 all UK schools are required to have an anti-bullying policy in place
  • - In 2003 all but 6 OECD nations had taken anti-bullying initiatives
  • - A 2011 survey shows 31% of EU children had direct experience of bullying (EU Kids Online study)
  • - One study suggests the rate of bullying is more than 50% in some countries: Lithuania (51%), Estonia (50%), Bulgaria (43%)
  • - A Danish study suggests adolescents experiencing bullying has fallen from 25% in 1998 to 6% in 2010
  • - About 4% of European children report being bullied online or by mobile (EU Kids Online study)

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