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Trump fans in Kentucky unmoved by FBI probe into Russian links


Trump fans in Kentucky unmoved by FBI probe into Russian links

As Donald Trump appeared at a rally in Kentucky, his supporters appeared unimpressed by news the FBI is to investigate possible collusion between his election team and Russia.

The federal agency’s director, James Comey, also told a congressional hearing he had seen no evidence that the US president had been wiretapped by Barack Obama – an unsupported claim ridiculed by intelligence officials.

People turning up for the US president’s meeting at the Freedom Hall in Louisville were in typically boisterous mood.

Trump supporter Dan Baker cast doubt on the FBI chief’s impartiality.

“I think Comey is very untrustworthy. They need somebody else that’s under him in the FBI testifying, because what credibility does he have? I mean, it’s known that he’s a Democratic type FBI person,” he said.

“It’s like the Democrats and the media. You know, when things are going their way in power, they can look the other way. So now that they’re out, hey, they’re playing a different game,” another Trump fan, Keith Carter, added.

The president did not mention the FBI inquiry or the wiretapping controversy at the rally. Instead he focused on the Republicans’ planned healthcare law, while also pushing his familiar themes such as immigration and promising to put Kentucky’s coal miners “back to work”.

The White House has denied collusion with Moscow over its alleged meddling in the election. Spokesman Sean Spicer tried to distance the president from figures involved in his campaign whose Russian links are under scrutiny.

He also refused to drop the wiretap claims – dismissed by both sides in Congress as well as US and British intelligence – saying that “interesting news” was yet to come.