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Minute's silence at Stade de France in memory of Paris attacks


Minute's silence at Stade de France in memory of Paris attacks

A minute’s silence has been held ahead of France’s World Cup qualifying match against Sweden – marking the first anniversary of the Paris attacks.

One-hundred-and-thirty people were killed and many more wounded last November when Islamic militants targeted various locations in the French capital.

Three suicide bombers blew themselves up at the Stade de France, where Friday’s match was being played.

“We realise that the threat is there, that French people are apprehensive. They think about it, but we (authorities) do too, every second,” said French President Francois Hollande, who attended the game.

“We must act, we have put measures in place, we strengthen them every day as much as necessary, while preserving our freedoms. But we are no longer like we were before, we need to be stronger.”

Outside the stadium, security for the match was tight. Vehicles and spectators were searched, while heavily armed police circled around the site.

“We don’t have to fear all this, that it is safe. There are people doing searches all the time, that’s it, we shouldn’t live in fear. We need to move forward,” commented one France supporter.

At least eight attackers shot guns or blew explosive belts during the terror last November.

A series of of commemoration events are planned in Paris on Sunday.