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Women march in Turkey but are confronted by police


Women march in Turkey but are confronted by police

Riot police in Istanbul forcibly broke up a rally of hundreds of women as they marked International Women’s Day two days early.

March the 8 is the official date but the city’s governor banned their rally planned for then, citing security concerns.

At least one person was detained in a scuffle with police who were seen firing rubber bullets at the women.

Turkey has drawn criticism for its handling of gender issues
According to a 2011 UN report, non-sexual physical violence committed by intimate partners was 10 times more likely there than in other European countries.

And in Warsaw, Polish women’s groups also held a rally calling for the state to open more nurseries and pre-schools, better job security and higher pay for women. They also called for greater accessability to abortion saying that professionally-performed legal abortions help protect the lives of women.

Abortion in Poland is allowed when pregnancy endangers the woman’s life, is the result of rape or incest, or when the fetus has an incurable defect.