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A new political party has emerged in Greece aiming to find “modern solutions” to the country’s “big problems”.

Founder Stavros Theodorakis, a well-known television journalist, said The River would use “ideas from parties on the left, as well as liberal political powers”.

The party has been formed in time to take part in the forthcoming European Elections in May.

Theodorakis, speaking at a press conference, said: “I have been described as a lefty since my childhood. For me, the crucial point is to identify what being on the left means today.”

He added: “Greece has huge problems that could not be solved without foreign aid.
“Our major issue is not to find out what has gone wrong but to invent a new national strategic plan to give an end to the economic and social crisis.”

With regards to Greece’s public sector, Theodorakis underlined that no redundancies would have to be imposed and suggested that in order to improve services, redeployment of staff would be necessary.

He said: “We do not have a large public sector. We have a public sector that functions in a bad way.”

Theodorakis did not announce his party’s candidates for the European Parliament, stating that The River’s ballot is under configuration.

He also said that he gave up journalism to lead The River but that he is ready to go back to his profession if the party does not get anyone elected to the European Parliament in May’s elections.

“I will feel deeply hurt,” he stated. “But I am ready to face the fact that maybe people won’t trust us as political party. If that happens, I will return to my professional activities and give up politics”.

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