Working elsewhere within Europe

In this edition of U-talk Madeleine from Lyon, France asked: “I’m a university graduate from France. I found a fixed term contract in London from the


What has become of Europe?

In this edition of U-talk, Marcel from Brussels asked: “What is Europe? I understand that it was founded to prevent wars in the countries of Europe


Russians stop Arctic oil spill

The Russians say they have stopped an oil spill at the Trebs field in the Arctic. It is one of Russia’s most important oil production sites. The


A turning point

Vivien Akerl from Hungary did her European voluntary service in the Netherlands. It changed her life. (video in English)

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Puddle skiing in Russia

Siberian skiers near Krasnoyarsk, Russia ended their season in style by donning costumes for a last downhill run into a giant puddle.