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brussels bureau


  • Premiers, a tale of two films

    Two very different films premiered at the Berlin International Film festival this week. The first… 16/02/12 15:53 CET


  • Europe holds back GM’s profit

    There was mixed profit news from General Motors as the US carmaker made far more money in its home… 16/02/12 18:48 CET

  • Olympus fraud arrests

    Japanese police have arrested the former president of Olympus, Tsuyoshi Kikukawa, and six others in… 16/02/12 15:31 CET



  • Interactive window shopping

    We have all heard of window shopping, noses pressed against the glass, counting down the hours till… 16/02/12 11:36 CET



  • Education and the Arab Spring

    Uprisings have swept through several countries in the Arab world. From Tunisia to Libya, Egypt and… 16/02/12 16:52 CET

le mag

  • Erotic art

    Ever wanted a bit more eroticism in museums? Well, you are not alone. A brand spanking new… 16/02/12 15:53 CET



  • The sounds of space

    Just what are the sounds of space? ESA astronaut Frank De Winne listened to his favourite bands… 16/02/12 10:22 CET

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