Greece names its top tax evaders

Greece has published a so-called “name and shame” list of tax evaders who allegedly owe the state some 14-billion euros. Well-known businessmen and


Romanian minister sacked

Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Baconshi has lost his job after calling anti-government protesters ‘inept and violent slum-dwellers’. There have


Megaupload shockwaves resound

The founder of file-sharing website Megaupload remains in custody in New Zealand, although the German-born former hacker known as Kim Dotcom denies


Much more than a race

In a bid to calm safety fears, improve the poverty stricken slums and open up tourism ahead of hosting the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, Rio


Croatia's EU leap

The referendum in Croatia on whether to join the European Union has come out in favour. If all goes to plan, the state of 4,300,000 people on the


Küstendorf festival

Deep in the heart of the Serbian mountains, acclaimed film maker Emir Kusturica holds his fifth, annual Küstendorf Music and Film Festival. The


Paris men's fashion week

Paris men’s fashion week for autumn/winter took to the runways with style, showcasing a blend of veteran and fledgling designers. Riccardo Tisci


EU bans Iranian oil imports

The EU has agreed stricter sanctions against Iran. European foreign ministers met in Brussels on Monday to formally agree the proposals. The