Visitor smashing plate with word "Covid" written on it

Rage room gets boost amid anger over coronavirus lockdowns

Fed up and angry with COVID-19 lockdowns? 

Fed up and angry with COVID-19 lockdowns? 

Well, maybe you need a bit of what is offered at the Smash RX Rage Room just outside Los Angeles, which has found a steady stream of new customers looking to shed stress by beating the living daylights out of things.

In a small office building in Westlake Village, California, the sounds of sledgehammers crushing computer printers and golf clubs smashing old televisions come from customers releasing their anxieties and worries.

"When they go in, a lot of people really find that they're really overwhelmed by like 'I can really break things?' and you know like there's no consequences for that," explains owner Yashica Budde, who also is a licensed family and marriage therapist.

Budde opened the rage room in late 2019 to provide a therapeutic form of stress relief. And the coronavirus pandemic has kept business booming.

Customer Josh Elohim came recently with his wife, Michelle, for a date night.

"It feels great to be able to release. I mean obviously these are times none of us have ever seen before in our lifetimes," said Josh.