'Spider-Man' spins web of delight at children's hospital in LA

'Spider-Man' spins web of delight at children's hospital in LA

“Spider-Man: Far From Home” stars Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jake Gyllenhaal signed autographs, took selfies and hung out with patients at LA Children's Hospital last Thursday. 

The surprise visit came after an exclusive screening of the Marvel film followed by a Q&A with the cast. In the upcoming sequel, Holland reprises his role as the titular web-slinger, Zendaya returns as Spider-Man’s crush MJ, and Gyllenhaal joins as Mysterio.

A touching video shared by the hospital shows the actors in full superhero attire to visit each patient in their hospital bed.

Later on, a young fan confesses his love for Holland (or at least his power-wielding character), saying, “I love you, and that you shoot webs.”

Holland playfully responded, “You like it when I shoot the webs? Well, I actually used all my webs on my way over here.”

Directed by Jon Watts, “Spider-Man: Far From Home” launches in North America on July 2.