Discover Moscow with a spring in your step

Discover Moscow with a spring in your step
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By Galina Polonskaya

With hundreds of parks and gardens, Moscow is a delight in springtime. The scent of lilacs is everywhere and the city offers a wide variety of entertainment for every type of traveler.

Blossoming, dynamic and inspiring, Moscow is the perfect place to visit in spring. The perfume of lilac is literally in the air, everywhere you go.

It’s a great time of the year to explore the city by bike and discover its parks, such as Sokolniki, which used to be a falconry and hunting ground for Russia's tsars, and is nowadays famous for its rose garden.

One of my favorite ways to take in the city’s sights is on a boat trip along the Moscow River. You can admire the city’s architectural masterpieces one after another, without interruption, as if you were watching a perfectly edited film. You can feel nature reawakening, and the city has an incredible energy.

The Central Botanical Garden is one of Moscow’s best-kept secrets. With 360 hectares, it's home there are thousands of types of flora from across the world.

The Japanese Garden is one of the highlights in this botanical treasure trove, and the perfect place to reconnect with nature and enjoy spring.

“Moscow is unique in springtime, thanks both to its large parks and its small gardens and squares, where you can find rare plant species as well as more familiar ones, such as lilac and apple tree blossoms,” says Igor Yatsenko, researcher at the Main Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences. “The blooming of lilacs and apple trees is the hallmark of our city.”

After soaking up the sun and the scents, you can wrap up the day by joining Muscovites on an open-air dance floor, and truly feel the melody of spring enveloping the city.

Journalist • Galina Polonskaya

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