Cycling in the desert: Dubai's Al Qudra bike track

Cycling in the desert: Dubai's Al Qudra bike track
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By Euronews

In this edition of Postcards we explore the Al Qudra cycle track, a dedicated asphalt track for push bikes around 30 minutes from the centre of Dubai. 

The track covers a distance of 85 kilometres but with added loops adds up to around 200 km. 

It’s one of the city’s top destinations for thrill seekers and fitness enthusiasts. Whether you're a pro or just cycling for fun, the track is the perfect place to check out the rolling sand dunes and the local wildlife, flora and fauna. We took former World Superbike Racer, Dijon Compton along with us for the ride.

It's been absolutely fantastic. Because it's so flat it’s so easy. It's just a lovely, lovely venture. You know it doesn’t matter if you’re a pro cyclist or you’re just us, it's just so lovely and looking around and seeing all the animals and the birds and so on you know.
Dijon Compton
Former World Superbike Racer