The best-selling souvenirs by country: From boomerangs to Russian dolls

Come with us around the world as we explore some of the most popular souvenirs
Come with us around the world as we explore some of the most popular souvenirs Copyright Canva
By Euronews Travel
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Souvenirs can make a holiday last a lifetime. We find out what tourists always make sure to take home in their suitcases from destinations around the world.


Holiday souvenirs are a staple when it comes to rekindling memories of your time spent in any one place.

New data by Club Med has revealed what our gifting go-tos are in every country in the world.

The study was designed to help people reconnect with their holiday memories from home, and explore far off lands through material reminders of what we can look forward to when restrictions lift.

From hammocks to chocolate and rum to tea, here are some of the highlights.

Club Med
A world map in souvenirsClub Med

North America's top selling souvenirs

North America has a lot of different cultures, but the two largest countries on the map have souvenirs that tantalise your taste buds.

People who visit the US are most likely to come away with American sweets as their gift of choice, taking unique flavours back home to their family and friends.

Canada's main souvenir is perhaps unsurprising, given its leaf is emblazoned on their flag: maple syrup.

Central America and along the equator has the perfect weather and heat to make one of the world's most loved souvenirs: coffee.

Jamaica in particular grows the famous Blue Mountain variety, often regarded by some as the best in the world.

Europe's top selling souvenirs

With its famously unpredictable weather, it’s no surprise that the UK’s most popular souvenir is... an umbrella.

Belgium, France and Ireland all have chocolate as the top takeaway souvenir, while Latvia, Lithuania and Poland all prefer something sparkling over something sweet, the top souvenir being amber jewellery.

Germany's most popular souvenir is beer, with Cyprus also having a tipple as the top souvenir - Cypriot wine.

Club Med
Europe's main souvenirs, by countryClub Med

Asia's top selling souvenirs

Souvenirs from Asian countries are great reflections of each country's diverse culture. Origami paper is the top souvenir in Japan, a nod to the traditional origami cranes.

Calligraphy sets are the top souvenir from China and Korean tea is the most popular keepsake from South Korea.

Carved masks are highly sought after in Sri Lanka and Bhutan, whilst a belted dagger is the top souvenir in Yemen. Try getting that home in your hand luggage!

Check out the full list of top souvenirs from around the world here.

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