Hot design: the towers that look like flames

Hot design: the towers that look like flames
By Seamus Kearney
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They call it the new iconic symbol of modern Azerbaijan, a landmark in the capital that can be seen from all vantage points.

The Baku Flame Towers are an architectural feat, resembling large flames and lighting up in spectacular fashion when the sun goes down.

The name and design of the towers are linked to the ancient description of the country: the land of fire, where flames of burning natural gas rise up from the ground.

Check out our slideshow of different images of the towers, taken by the Euronews Postcards team.

The technical file

  • Construction began in 2007 and the opening was in 2013
  • There is a hotel, a residential and an office tower
  • The towers are located above Baku’s historic waterfront
  • The Flame Towers are the tallest in the Azeri capital
  • The residential tower has 38 floors and the hotel 37
  • The office tower is smallest, with a total of 34 floors
  • The hotel has 250 rooms and some 60 serviced apartments
  • The residential tower has some 130 luxury apartments
  • The maximum height of the towers is 182 metres
  • The design was by HOK architects & HBA interior designers
  • Some 10,000 LED lights cover the outside of the towers
  • A retail area includes boutiques, restaurants and a cinema
  • There is a Lamborghini branch on the ground floor
  • The cost of the project is estimated to be US$350 million
  • The towers are fitted with over 150 fine art pieces
  • Construction involved some 12 million man-hours
  • 210,000 m3 of concrete was used to build the towers
  • Some 40,000 tonnes of reinforcement bars were used
  • The hotel was an MIPIM Awards Winner in 2013
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