Postcards from Russia: the ancient people of Komi

Postcards from Russia: the ancient people of Komi
By Euronews
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A visit to Russia is not just sightseeing, there is also the history of the people.

Key facts about the Republic of Komi:

  • It was established in August 1921
  • It is 1,400 km northeast of Moscow
  • The population is just over 950,000
  • It has a long winter & cool short summer
  • The total land area is 416,000 km2
  • Forests cover 70% of the territory

An ethno-cultural park near the capital of the northwestern Komi Republic is one example of how tourism here is diversifying.

A fascinating museum in Syktyvkar also brings the ancient people to life.

Euronews’ Seamus Kearney reported: “And here you can actually see fragments of the world’s oldest pair of skis, which are 8,000 years old according to expert analysis.”

Making the stories of the past accessible to future generations is the aim of a local artist we met.

Yuri Lisovskiy told Postcards: “The myths and legends of the Komi people really inspire me, it’s invigorating, and I want to share this with the world through my art.”

Komi Republic Agency for Tourism:

Republic of Komi, Official portal:

National Museum of the Komi Republic:

Ethno-cultural park “Finnougoria”:

Local artist Yuri Lisovskiy:

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