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Kazantip: The Party Land

Kazantip: The Party Land
By Euronews
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Some call this place the Ibiza of Eastern Europe, a Ukrainian “Burning Man”! Others say there’s nothing quite like it elsewhere in the world! This is the land of party – the Republic of Kazantip!

The Crimean peninsula is one of the Black Sea’s most popular resorts. Not surprisingly, this huge trance and techno celebration gathers tens of thousands of fans year after year. Some of the world’s best DJs come here to play – such as Sander van Doorn.

“Many people compare this festival to the “Burning Man” festival over in America: there’s only two of these “Mad Max” kind of festivals, and this is one of those. It’s all about freedom. Play whatever you want – here we go… (pause) I hope “Burning man” is half as good as this party, because this is bloody phenomenal!”

Is this a festival at all? Not even close, say those who launched the event 19 years ago as a small dance party that followed a windsurf competition. Today they proclaim Kazantip a utopian country in its own right, led by its Tyrannical President Nikita the First.

Nikita Marshunok: “Kazantip is not what you think. Rather it’s what millions of people on Earth dream about – a perfect land, an attempt to create a new, improved society”.

The beach partying goes on for a few weeks, non-stop, night and day.

The total number of the people to partake in this techno extravaganza each year is estimated at about 100 thousand – most coming from Russia and Ukraine but more and more from all over Europe.

Sleep is hardly anyone’s priority around here, but one still can get some rest in the relatively luxurious tent camp for some 200 euros a day.

Cheaper accommodation is available in the nearby village which every August is awash with party goers.

Much of the community is for rent, ranging from cottages to overflowing hostels that offer the basics.

Back at the party, the music never stops. Half of those dancing have been here before – Kazantip has its regulars, looking for joy in the sun, sea and sound.

“It’s a mix of good positive energy,’‘ said one of the visitors, ‘‘great music, people are here to party day and night, it’s just great to dance on the beach in the sun. It’s Crimea, it’s fantastic.’‘

Having run its techno marathon for the 19th time this August, Kazantip is getting ready for its grand anniversary next summer. No details revealed so far, but no doubt the party in the imaginary republic will be revolutionary.

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