Dawn of a new healthcare era: "Data is the new oil"

Dawn of a new healthcare era: "Data is the new oil"
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By Claudio Rosmino

The European Union has made digitalisation in healthcare a top priority. It recently launched a European Health Data Space that aims to facilitate access to patient health information across the entire continent. 

This digital tool promises more efficient care and better diagnostic capacity. It should also boost scientific research, enabling European companies to create more tailored medicine, health devices and services.

In addition, European countries are already exploring ways to harmonise rules and standards across the bloc while also making sure patient health data is kept safe.

To find out more about how this digital transformation is revolutionising healthcare, Smart Health spoke to Luís Filipe Goes Pinheiro, Chairman of SPMS, Portugal's digital agency at the ministry of health. 

A single health market, with free movement of people and free movement of health services, will only be possible if the health data of all of us is not restricted by borders.
Luís Filipe Goes Pinheiro
Chairman of the Board of Directors, SPMS

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