Harnessing robotics to make science and maths fun

Harnessing robotics to make science and maths fun
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By Aurora Velez

Smart Regions speaks to the coordinator of a European project called RoboCoop to find out how it is inspiring the next generation of innovators.

A European-backed programme called 'RoboCoop' is aiming to inspire the next generation of innovators by harnessing the power of robotics to make the so-called STEM subjects - Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths - a lot of fun.

Wilfried Lepuschitz helps coordinate the hugely popular event. Smart Regions caught up with him during this year's initiative in Bratislava, Slovakia. 

...we really try to provide a lot of different awards to the teams so that all the teams can go home motivated after this week and encouraged to carry on with a career in this interesting and innovative technical domain.
Wilfried Lepuschitz
Project Manager, RoboCoop

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